Medallion Associates offer end to end solutions to the real estate sector. We have two distinct divisions which serve the complete array of our services. One of our division serves the real estate developers, land owners, government entities and real estate corporations. The other division serves family offices, HNWIs, investors and end users. Both categories of our clientele may choose to receive all or one of the following services.


Medallion Associates has developed a variety of investment structures for real estate projects. Both direct and indirect investments can be made into prime lands, master developments, mixed-use projects, healthcare facilities, retail and entertainment arenas, commercial buildings, hospitality sector, low-cost housing, green buildings, trophy assets, and new concepts.


Medallion Associates has a dedicated private equity placement division. We conduct thorough due diligence. company evaluation and calculate the commercial forecast of real estate companies. Placements are done through a variety of strategies including buyouts. mergers and acquisition. Our portfolio includes raising funds for multiple real estate projects and companies globally with a history of profitable exits.


Medallion Associates offer bespoke asset management solutions. Our asset management capabilities include fixed income. convertible bonds. equities. multi-asset alternatives and impact In each area we have carefully developed real estate investment approaches that we believe are best suited to meet investors’ objectives in today’s real estate Landscape. We organize our investment professionals into independent investment boutiques thereby allowing them the freedom to focus on delivering risk-adjusted returns in their specialist area.


At the core of Medallion Associates is our advisory and consulting services. The large scope of our advisory services encompasses the entire lifecycle of a real estate development from its inception to handover. Our consulting services are always backed with exclusive market research data wherein we have strategically partnered with the top research firms globally. Within the domain of real estate. we offer financial. sales. marketing and investment advisory services to real estate developers. Moreover.


Medallion Associate represents a high performance team to directly manage the sales and marketing of real estate projects. Our in-house marketing engine serves as the power hub to craft marketing communication strategies and execute them for our clients. Our well trained and highly experienced business development associates bring a network of clients from across the world. We are not limited to selling real estate projects, but we actively deal in private equity and raising funds for the projects through private clients and financial institutions.


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Submission of Proposal & Draft Contract

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