Sales and Marketing


Medallion Associate represents a high performance team to directly manage the sales and marketing of real estate projects. Our in-house marketing engine serves as the power hub to craft marketing communication strategies and execute them for our clients.

Our well trained and highly experienced business development associates bring a network of clients from across the world. We are not limited to selling real estate projects, but we actively deal in private equity and raising funds for the projects through private clients and financial institutions.

Project Conception

Medallion Associates advise our clients in developing innovative real estate concepts, advisory on unit mix and consulting amenities to make it a success

Capital Funding

Medallion Associates can assist developers to raise funds for the development through our global access to capital. We prepare investment decks and market them through our associates to achieve results

Marketing Strategy

Medallion Associates is associated with one of the leading advertising and media firms offering end-to-end solutions for brand marketing and promotions of your project

Sales Management

Medallion Associates craft winning sales strategies, recruit and train the team, execute sales events, and create qualified leads offering higher conversion ratio


Medallion Associates advise real estate developers to create a winning sales and marketing strategy. We work on marketing investment models with their impact on profitability and also develop distribution channels. Our competitive edge is that we have the power to execute and manage the entire sales and marketing for our clients offering a one – stop shop solution