Medallion Associates to underline its 4 billion property portfolio for institutional investors amid real estate surge at Cityscape Dubai 2022

Masood Al Awar

The medallion is growing its international reach by launching an International Advisory for billion-dollar projects in Africa and Asia


Dubai, November 18, 2022: Medallion Associates, one of the city’s leading real estate investment and advisory firm with offices in London, Malaysia, and Pakistan, will showcase the firm’s products during its participation at the Cityscape Dubai 2022, the Middle East’s largest property finding event, which will be held from November 21 to 23, 2022, at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Dubai’s real estate sector has witnessed tremendous success in attracting foreign direct investments (FDI) in the post pandemic world, further taking a lead internationally in various sectors.


Medallion is also launching an International Advisory for a billion-dollar project in Africa and Asia. According to Medallion, the real estate sectors have had tremendous growth in 2022 and in response to this new growth, Medallion is bringing its services to the industry by taking part in Cityscape Dubai.


A report by Better Homes reveals that the demand for high-end luxury homes in Q3 of 2022 was fuelled by the real estate market’s continuous growth in Dubai. As a result of this growth, Medallion seizes the opportunity to highlight its expertise in international real estate strategic advisory, financial engineering, fundraising, and project development, as well as sales and marketing. Being the largest property finder event in the UAE, Cityscape Dubai, brings together brokers, investors, developers, and private homebuyers from across the regions and globally.


Masood Al Awar, Chief Executive Officer of Medallion Associates stated: “We are very enthusiastic about the upcoming year and have established goals to introduce new clients to our portfolio and the real estate industry in general, as well as attract institutional investors to our asset portfolio. As we have seen this year, the market has thrived, and we are eager to contribute to the  real estate industry of Dubai and country with our new offers and strategies. Being part of Cityscape Dubai 2022 is essential to us, as it is an opportunity to introduce our portfolio of services to various investors, buyers, and developers in the region. We are eager to meet new business partners and present our future plans for billion-dollar projects in Africa and Asia. Additionally, it will enable us to concentrate more on our new projects and industry-related future objectives. Our goal is to add exceptional value to the real estate industry by leveraging our expertise and network of contacts to generate growth and profitability for all of our stakeholders. Most of our international partners collaboration is under the theme The Dubai Dream Story and project development that our clients are looking after.”


Medallion is also further engaged in real estate development and fundraising for a USD 5 billion project in an African city, and strategic advisory work for a USD 1 billion project in Malaysia, which will be highlighted at the event. According to industry reports, the real estate sector in Dubai recorded the best-performing quarter in its history with the value of real estate transactions surpassed AED 70 billion, marking a quarterly growth of 18 per cent and 64.5 per cent rise, as compared to Q3 of 2021. Property sales have increased by 60 per cent since the beginning of 2022 reaching 68,500 transactions, totalling roughly AED 220.2 billion, which is a 77 per cent rise from the previous year.


About Medallion

Medallion Associates is a real estate investment and advisory firm headquartered in Dubai, UAE. The firm targets exclusive real estate developments for investment and consulting opportunities in both the private and public sector. Its key services include private equity placement, fundraising, joint ventures, asset management and selling real estate through our distribution channels by leveraging cutting-edge real estate marketing.